Cancer Carer?

Call and Cope

Taking on the role of carer for a relative or friend with cancer is not easy.
We are a specialist service that can help you.

  • Help to cope with uncertainty
  • Help to care for those you love
  • Help to balance competing priorities
  • Help to feel better and gain a clearer outlook and hope
  • Help to work out what to do next after caring

2Higher Ground was originally established to offer a free coaching service to carers of people with cancer – either while caring or after a period of caring. We are now administering the service through this website but no longer as a charity. The expert coaching service will continue, delivered through the same pool of professional coaches, operating independently. These qualified life coaches are committed to continuing to provide this service, which so many carers found beneficial. So if coaching would help you, please contact them directly. Coaching team

These new arrangements mean

  • Greater choice for clients who can now choose their coach from a range of qualified professionals offering varying rates.
  • Greater efficiency – all information will be available on this website for carers seeking help to contact coaches directly, no longer dependent on the availability of an administrator
  • Greater scope for support as the service is now available throughout the UK and may be offered to carers of people with other illnesses.

The Trustees of 2Higher Ground regret that after four years of successfully helping carers it is ceasing to operate as a charity, as it has not proved possible to fund a free service for all carers. They are grateful for the support of many organisations and individuals who ensured its success from July 2001 to June 2005.

If you want to talk about the experience of establishing and running 2Higher Ground, or about the benefits of this service and how you could deliver it through your own organisation, you can reach the founder at She would also be glad to receive feedback from satisfied carers!


“My coach has helped me in so many ways. I cannot thank you enough” Ian, former carer